Carolina Arango

Based in, but not limited to, Miami Beach. Sharing my personal life experiences along with my personal style and beauty tips and travel adventures. Currently in college studying finance, marketing and entrepreneurship, but following fashion every step of the way.



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  • Valentina Solci

    Hi Carolina,
    I used to go to St. Patrick’s with your sister Salome. I am now in high school and I am also intrigued by the fashion industry. I am sure that if you saw my face you would recognize me. I am sure that if you ask Salo about me she will remember. I love your blog, btw, and good luck:):):)
    Love always,
    Valentina Solci

    • Carolina

      I do remember you! I’m really glad you liked it! I wish you the best and if you need any help let me know!
      XOXO, Carolina

      • Valentina Solci

        Aww, thank you! I wish you the best and good luck to you too:):)
        Love always,

  • Angela

    Love your blog!