To everyone who waits last minute to start christmas shopping, this is my gift to you! I hope you all have a holiday season full of cookies, family, friends and all other good stuff!










The first time I wrote this post was four years ago in high school for my school’s newspaper and my monthly fashion column which is crazy and is one of the reasons it means so much to me.

Take a second to realize all that you have and for those that are truly there and be thankful for little things we take for granted everyday. Tell the people you love how much you love them because if this year has taught me and my family anything its that you never know when if it’ll be the last time. So make sure to use up every hour of the 24 you are given daily to spend them doing what you love, with who you love. Do NOT let them go to waste.

We online shop (in my case, almost every day) all the time. So why not give back by buying things you need/want that! Remember that no donation is small! So thank you to all these brand who have so generously created products and are donating proceeds to help advance the cure and spread awareness for Breast Cancer.

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I was pretty much hoping for it to be somewhat cool in NYC but it was HOT! So I tried to make some of my summer outfits more transitional in the city!

I ended up only packing a carry on thinking I was only staying for a few days, but ended up staying longer. So, you can see how I “recycled” the pieces and created more looks with what I had, which was a struggle but ended up working out (judge for yourselves)!

Many of the things I wore are previous seasons, but I made sure to link items very, very similar to the pieces I was wearing. Enjoy!

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I want to sincerely thank everyone who reached out to me during Hurricane Irma. I am from Miami Beach, but thankfully all damages were cosmetic and everyone is okay! It meant the world to me.

POST IRMA: Seeing that a large majority of my friends evacuated to NYC, once the airport opened and the situation was safe to travel I booked a flight and went to meet them all in NYC! Here’s a quick look at where I ate, stayed and more! I’ll be posting outfit details super soon so stay on the look out and follow my on Instagram (@carolinaarango) where I will post updates on my story to stay caught up!!

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So students are usually on a tight (VERY TIGHT) budget and want to save any penny.

Budgeting is crucial however you shouldn’t deprive yourself of certain “wants.” If you alot your monthly allowance and expenses correctly you should be right on track.

I’ve used the following tips which I am about to share with you to save money as I¬†shop online. So here are three ways to save some extra bucks while online.

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