So I am very self conscious when it comes to wearing swimwear. I bloat so easily and can’t refrain from eating so my stomach automatically grows. What can I say, I love food (the bad kind). I often resort to sticking to one pieces to hide the bloating and because I feel more comfortable. THANK GOD THEY’VE BEEN IN STYLE!

Although certain styles flatter certain body types over others, the ones I own are very universal and can flatter almost all body types.

I’ve listed my favorite styles below and links to buy them and similar ones.

I don’t really own many bathing suits so if you have any favorite brands please share with me!!

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Happy Tuesday loves! Here are some pictures I reblogged on my tumblr. I not only use my social media accounts to share parts of my life, but also to get inspiration. To see more head over to my tumblr.

I’ve been thinking about posting some of my favorite social media accounts to follow. What do you think? Let me know by commenting below!

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Christmas is this week! If you haven’t started shopping you really should. Here are some gifts that you can’t go wrong with! Best of luck and happy holidays!

For her…

1. For the jetsetter.. This is definitely a top pick for me because it is practical, cute and perfect for a weekend escape or month away! Henri Bendel Large Hanging Weekender Bag 

2. For the selfie queen.. Print out pictures directly from your phone to keep the memories and avoid losing them in your camera roll. Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer 

3. For the makeup lover.. This $116 valued palette is only $42 and includes 8 Benefit’s bestselling lengthening mascara and award-winning bronzer. Benefit Cosmetics Real Cheeky Party Holiday Blush Palette

4. For the book worm.. Head over to your local book store and buy he/she a coffee table book of something they’re interested in. For fashion lovers, I recommend Rizzoli’s Tom Ford

5. For the home body.. These scents are all perfect to give your home and yourself a signature scent. Jo Malone

For him..

6. For the music lover.. Listen to your favorite songs at the gym, in the library or on a plane. Beats by Dre

7. For the cool kids.. I am obsessed with these James Purse caps in every style and color.

8. For both he and she.. Just because NETFLIX. Apple TV

9. For the Sneaker Collector.. Add another favorite to his collection. Adidas

10. For Mr. Gadget.. Give him a fashionable gadget that he can wear and use everyday. Apple Watch

Finals Survival

The stress is killing me and the countdown to winter break feels eternal! Here are 5 easy tips to survive finals week!

1. Hydrate! Drink lots of water because dehydration will decrease exam performance (according to this study). Even bring your own bottle with fruit infused water. Shop the bottle above here!

2. Headphones! Record yourself reciting some of your notes and replay them throughout the day of the exam or in the car ride/walk to it! Shop the headphones above here.

3. Exam Attire! During exams, my appearance is not up to par. I love to be comfortable and wear hats to hide my horrendous eye bags and stressed face. Shop the James Perse hat above here.

4. Supplies! Pack your calculator, pens, pencils, highlighters the night before the exam to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything! I love this Swarovski pen!

5. Snacks! Pack some easy, healthy snacks for those long hours in the library. A yummy granola bar and apple should do the trick!

Now finish studying and kill it!



H&M x Balmain Favorites

Call me crazy, but I am currently staying up to head over to H&M at 4 A.M. Olivier Rousting is one of my favorite designers so this collaboration between H&M and Balmain has me ecstatic. His attention to detail is pristine and the way he masters making a piece so edgy yet delicate at the same time makes him such a successful and unique designer. So as I stay up to ensure I am one of the first people in the store, I put together some of my favorite pieces from the collection including some of the ones I plan to purchase.


What I hope to buy: Belt $99 | Pants $99 | Bandeau $35